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Creative Asian Dishes

Restaurant Singapore in Zurich Altstetten offers a creative, varied Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisine. Our special Malay dishes include Laksa with rice noodles and a spicy turmeric/coconut/curry sauce, as well as the Malay Nasi Champor rice plate.

Book your restaurant table by telephone now. We look forward to your visit! We offer fast, uncomplicated food in the Singapore and fine dining in the Raffles.

Singapore Nyonya Specialities

1 Poh Piah
Steamed vegetable dough roll filled with prawns and a variety of vegetables

2 Laksa (slightly spicy)
Rice noodles with soya bean sprouts, chicken, prawns and tofu, in a turmeric/coconut/curry sauce

3 Satay (slightly spicy)
Chicken and beef kebabs, served with peanut sauce

4 Tandoori Chicken
Grilled chicken pieces marinated with Marsala spices & yoghurt

5 Ikan Asam (slightly spicy)
Sea bream fillet in a hot and sour tamarin sauce

6 Ikan Tuna (slightly spicy)
Grilled tuna marinated in a spicy chilli sauce

7 Kari Kambing (spicy)
Lamb curry

8 Kari Daging (spicy)
Beef curry

9 Kari Ayam (spicy)
Chicken curry

10 Sayur Kuah Lemak (slightly spicy)
A variety of vegetables and tofu in a thick coconut milk curry sauce

11 Nasi Champor (slightly spicy)
Malay rice plate with 4 different specialities

Chinese Starters

12 Xie Chiun Fong (slightly spicy)
Szechuan soup (hot and sour soup)

13 Choon Qiun
Spring rolls

14 Cha Wan Than
Baked Wan Tan (Chinese ravioli)

15 Tim Sam
Steamed Dim Sum (a variety of dough parcels)

16 Hah Kau
Steamed prawns in a rice dough

17 Sui mai
Steamed prawns in dough

18 Kai Salad
Mixed salad with chicken

19 Fansi Tong
Soup with thread noodles and vegetables

20 Exotic Salad
Mixed salad with fresh pineapple and soya bean sprouts in a classic sauce

Beef Dishes

21 Kong Poh Ngau (slightly spicy)
Beef with vegetables in a hot and sour “Kong Poh” sauce

22 Xie Chiun Ngau (slightly spicy)
Beef “Szechuan” with vegetables

23 Sion Tong Ngau
Beef with Tonku mushrooms and bamboo shoots

24 Chap Choy Ngau
Beef with “Chop suey” vegetables

25 Xi Chap Ngau
Beef with vegetables in a spicy black bean sauce

Chicken Dishes

31 Kong Poh Kai (slightly spicy)
Chicken with vegetables in a hot and sour sauce

32 Xie Chiun Kai (slightly spicy)
Chicken “Szechuan” with vegetables

33 Ku Lou Kai
Sweet and sour chicken

34 Chap Choy Kai
Chicken with “Chop suey” vegetables

35 Xi Chap Kai
Chicken with vegetables in a spicy black bean sauce

36 Leng Mong Kai
Chicken in a dough with a lemon sauce


37 Duck
Duck in a fine orange sauce

38 Duck
Roast “Cantonese” duck


41 Kong Poh Hah (slightly spicy)
King prawns with vegetables in a hot and sour “Kong Poh” sauce

42 Hak Chiu Hah (slightly spicy)
Grilled king prawns in a spicy black pepper marinade

43 Suin Thim Hah
Sweet and sour king prawns

44 Lad Chap Hah (slightly spicy)
King prawns in a Sambal chilli sauce

45 Hong Pan Yule
Sea bream fillet with a variety of mushrooms and vegetables

46 Suin Thim Yule
Sweet and sour fish

Mixed dishes

51 Yiu Koh Kai
Chicken with cashew nuts

52 Xie Chiun Hah (slightly spicy)
“Szechuan” king prawns

53 Kai Lan Ngau
Beef with ginger and Asian broccoli

54 Suin Thim Toufu
Sweet and sour tofu

Vegetarian dishes

61 Cha Chi Choy
Baked seaweed roll (filled with tofu, mushrooms & vegetables )

62 Chau Chap Choy
Vegetable “Chop Suey”

63 Loh Hon Toufu
Tofu with a variety of vegetables and mushrooms

64 Chai Chau Minh
Fried noodles with vegetables

65 Choisum
Asian vegetables

66 Kai-Lan
Asian broccoli

67 Kang-Kong (spicy)
Asian water spinach

68 Gado
Variety of steamed vegetables with tofu and egg in a peanut sauce

Rice and noodle dishes

71 Kon Chau Hofan
Broad rice noodles with beef and vegetables

72 Chau Udong
Rice pasta with prawns, vegetables and egg

73 Sing Chau Maifan (Singapore Style Noodles) (slightly spicy)
Rice noodles with prawns, chicken and vegetables

74 Ngau Chau Mien
Fried noodles with vegetables and beef

75 Kai Chau Mien
Fried noodles with vegetables and chicken

76 Chau Fan (Nasi Goreng)
Fried rice with egg and meat

77 Pak Fan
Steamed fragrant rice


81 Chendol

82 Fresh pineapple

83 Coconut ice cream

84 Melon ice cream

85 Pineapple ice cream

86 Orange ice cream

87 Lemon ice cream

89 Lychee

90 Latte Macchiato

91 Lo Zoo

Cold drinks

Coca Cola Zero
Coca Cola light
Rivella red/blue/green
Henniez green/blue
Orange juice
Soya milk

3.3 dl
3.3 dl
3.3 dl
3.3 dl
3.3 dl
3.5 dl

Alcohol-free beers


3.3 dl

Drinks by the glass

Coca Cola
PET bottle

3 dl
3 dl
3 dl
3 dl
3 dl

Hot drinks

Café Crème
Double espresso
Peppermint tea
Black tea
Jasmine tea
Green tea

Pot 8 dl
Pot 8 dl

All our dishes include steamed rice, except for starters and noodle dishes. On request, we will also serve all main dishes with fried rice or fried noodles.

Our meat comes from


Australia/New Zealand

LDV-Declaration (under the Swiss Agricultural Labelling Ordinance, ALO)
* May have been produced with antibiotics and / or other anti-microbial performance enhancers. 

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